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 The following Academy opportunities and news are of special interest to international ophthalmologists.

Join Ophthalmology's First Worldwide Directory

We invite you to join ophthalmology's first worldwide directory of training opportunities. If your university, institute, or practice has opportunities such as fellowships, observerships or externships available to ophthalmologists outside your country, you may list them here.

Follow these simple steps:

1.      Go to the directory's submission page.

2.     Click “Submit a Training Opportunity.”

3.     Log in or Create an Academy account if you do not have one. (This will save you time submitting an opportunity.)

4.     Enter information about your observership or fellowship.

It takes less than 2 minutes. You can save and copy information about your institution if you enter more than one opportunity.

The effort to create this directory came about after hearing from ophthalmologists around the world, including many young ophthalmologists, asking for leads on training opportunities abroad. This directory, which already feature more than 180 opportunities from every region in the world, addresses that need. If you take the time to list your opportunities, rest assured that there is a global audience eager to learn more.

What’s Hot on the ONE Network

The ONE Network has recently added dozens of interviews with world experts conducted at recent meetings, such as AAO 2016 and the American Glaucoma Society. Recommended videos include:

If your Society subscribes to the ONE Network, remind your members that they have access to all the journals, cases and courses available. If your members have never logged on to the ONE Network and need to be reminded of their access key, have them email

How to Submit a Winning AAO 2017 Abstract

Follow these four tips to submit a paper/poster or video abstract for AAO 2017 in New Orleans. The abstract submitter closes Tuesday, 11 April.

  • Learn more about what is new at AAO 2017.

Monitoring the Travel Ban

In early February, the U.S. government imposed a travel ban on visitors from certain countries. The Academy wrote an email letter to its members conveying our strong opposition to this ban. The response we received was overwhelmingly supportive of the Academy's position. We are grateful for all the feedback and unique viewpoints you provided. We sincerely believe that the ability of our diverse community of ophthalmologists to meet and exchange ideas is integral to advancing our profession.

That travel ban has since been suspended by U.S. courts. In the meantime, though, a new revised travel order was issued by the president. That order too was blocked in federal court and appears to be suspended at least into April. We will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for policy that benefits the global community of ophthalmologists.


Academy Seeks International Patient Stories

The Academy has launched an initiative that showcases ophthalmic patient stories to demonstrate the transformative value of our profession. For an example, see “How Corneal Transplants Changed One Woman’s Life” (which features one of my patients).

We also want to feature stories from outside the United States. To take part in this initiative, you can:

  • Think about patients who have expressed deep gratitude for their care and whose story they believe exemplifies the transformative power of ophthalmology
  • Ask the patient/s to share their story
  • Direct your selected patients to complete the story submission form.

Once they submit their story, the Academy will review it and contact the patient and their ophthalmologist for interviews.


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