IPOQ 2018 - 5th Nordic Research Conference

Welcome to LEFO's interdisciplinary conference in Oslo, 22.1. - 23.1.2018: Interactions between Professions, Organization and the Quality of healthcare - IPOQ

Save the dates in January 2018 
This year we are proud to present the following key notes: 

  • “Virtuous leadership: The value of medical competence in healthcare management” by Mats Brommels, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics and Director of Medical Management Centre (MMC), Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Leadership and organizational culture in primary health care – for patients and professionals by Jan Ketil Arnulf, Master Cand Psychol., PhD, Professor at the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, BI – Norwegian Business School and Associate Dean at BI-Fudan MBA program, Oslo, Norway
  • Leading a hospital with other competencies than the medical - sharing of practise-based experiences (tentative title) by Per Bleikelia, BD in Police Studies, Director and Responsible Facilitator at Ringerike Hospital, Vestre Viken Hospital Trust, and from May 2017 Managing Director at Martina Hansen´s Hospital, Gjettum, Norway.

Call for abstracts
The annual Nordic IPOQ-conferences aims to promote interdisciplinary studies of the interaction between the medical professions, organizational factors and quality of care. 

Abstracts of papers/work in progress should be related to the following topics: 

  • Health professionals´ health, work and quality of life
  • Societal and organisational conditions for professional work and quality of healthcare
  • Ethics, professional values and prioritisation
  • Health professionals´ role in transition

Submit your abstracts in English to lefo@legeforeningen.no, maximum 350 words apart from title, authors and affiliations.

Abstracts should include:

  • Title, names of authors, name of presenting author bolded, affiliations of authors
  • Introduction, aims, material and methods, results and (preliminary) conclusion. To allow for different academic traditions other formats are accepted
  • Indication if oral- or poster presentation is preferred

We also welcome research students to submit abstracts, and aim to provide financial support to cover their travelling and hotel costs.

Important dates
Please contact us by email or see LEFOs website Conferences for updates on IPOQ-conference information. There you can also read more about our recent Nordic research conferences, including presentations and media coverages:

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