IPOQ 2017: LEFO’s 4th Nordic Research Conference

Oslo 23-24 January 2017: "Interdisciplinary focus on the medical profession – governance, job satisfaction and quality"

Main themes:

  • How can governance of health care promote or hinder the quality of medical work?
  • What are the characteristics of good medical practice – seen from the doctor’s and the patient’s point-of-view?

Program (see attachement):

  • Beside the key note lectures there will be short presentations of current research and planned projects from Swedish, Danish and Norwegian researchers.
  • We have scheduled time for discussion after each presentation and for group discussions.

Keynote speakers:

Short presentations:

  • "Happy-at-work – an employee survey among Danish junior doctors" Ida Wieborg von Rosen,  Jesper Brink Svendsen, Bjarne Skjødt Worm, Denmark
  • "Violence and Threats towards Danish Junior Doctors – a cross-sectional survey study" Jesper Brink Svendsen, Ida Wieborg von Rosen, Bjarne Skjødt Worm, Denmark
  • "Developing good medical practice in interaction between patients and professional practitioners – sociomateriality matters" Karin Thörne, Boel Andersson-Gäre, Håkan Hult, Madelaine Abrandt Dahlgren, Sweden
  • "Patients´ perspective on safety in primary care - A mixed studies review" Martin Harbitz, Norway
  • "Health care professionals’ accounts of challenges in managing motor neurone disease in primary health care: a qualitative study" Sverre Vigeland Lerum, Kari Nyheim Solbrække, Jan C. Frich, Norway
  • "Medical School Predictors of Later Perceived mastery of Clinical Work among Norwegian Doctors: A 20-Year Prospective Study" Anna Belfrage, Kjersti Støen Grotmol, Lars Lien, Reidar Tyssen, Norway
  • "Work-related factors and Subjective well-being among Norwegian medical doctors: a 15-year longitudinal study (NORDOC)" Javed Iqbal Mahmood, Kjersti Støen Grotmol, Martin Tesli, Torbjørn Moum, Reidar Tyssen, Norway
  • "‘Healthy Healthcare’ and European Cooperation in Science and Technology" Lise T. Løvseth, Norway
  • "Presentation of the EAPH-network - European Association for Physician Health" Karin Isaksson Rø

Practical information and costs:

When? From Monday 23 January at 11:30 until Tuesday 24 January 14:00
Where? Park Inn, Oslo Airport Hotel, Gardermoen, Oslo

Hotel package NOK 2913 includes: Accommodation (in single rooms) with breakfast 23-24 Jan (NOK 1005), dinner, 3 course menu, 23 Jan (NOK 425 + beverages), 2 day-packages including lunch and refreshments (NOK 1483: Day 1 NOK 731/Day 2 NOK 752).

LEFO’s staff will administrate the bookings and each participant pays directly to the hotel when leaving.
Deadline for registration: As soon as possible.

If you wish to cancel the registration, please notify LEFO before 1 December 2015. Your registration is binding after this date. The hotel has a“no show” for both the conference fee and the accommodation. Note that a 25% tax will be added to the original amount if "no show".

Registration form

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About the Nordic research network

The network studies relationships between:

  • Management and organization in the health sector
  • Doctors’ health, job satisfaction and working conditions
  • Quality and safety in the treatment of patients by integrating research  from diverse disciplines

The committee in 2016/2017 consists of:

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