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Is imperfection becoming easier to live with for doctors?

- Our results indicate that adverse events are being met more openly in 2012 than in 2000, and coping with imperfection and patient complaints is less devastating for new generations of doctors (Førde R, Aasland OG. Clinical Ethics 2017; 12: 31-6).

The Norwegian National Council for Priority Setting in Health Care: decisions and justifications

- We found that although the Council often made use of the official priority-setting criteria, they did so in an unsystematic and inconsistent manner (Wester G, Bringedal B. Health Econ Policy Law 2017; Mar 21: 1-19).

Experiences from implementing value-based healthcare at a Swedish University Hospital - a longitudinal interview study

- Paying attention to the patients' voice is a most important concern and is also a key towards increased engagement from physicians and care providers for improvement work (Nilsson K, Bååthe F, Andersson AE, Wikström E, Sandoff M. BMC Health Serv Res 2017; 17(1):169).

Økt retttsliggjøring for likebehandling i helsetjenesten?

 – Ulikhet i helse kan bety ulike muligheter, derfor innebærer sosial rettferdighet å sørge for at unngåelige helseulikheter reduseres, skriver LEFOs seniorforsker Berit Bringedal, som sammen med Kristine Bærøe har publisert en artikkel i siste utgave av det nordiske tidsskriftet Retfærd (2016, nr 2: 6-18).

"Strangers" in Neuroscientific Research

External insiders as advisors for ethical, legal, social, and philosophical aspects of the Human Brain Project. Bringedal B, Markus Christen M, Biller-Andorno N, Hironori Matsuzaki H, Rabano A. In: The Human Sciences after the Decade of the Brain, Leefmann J, Hildt E (Ed), Academic Press, published online 13 February 2017. 

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