Greece - Panhellenic Medical Association

Updated 2008

3, Ploutarchou & Ipsilandou Str.
GR-106 75 Athens,

Phone No:   (+30) 210 7258 660 / 661 / 662   (hours available): 8.30‑14.30
Telefax: (+30) 210 7258 663  
E-mail:; (International dept.)
President:   Dr. Emmanuel Kalokerinos
Secretary General:   Dr. Costas Alexandropoulos
Treasurer:   Dr. Stamatios Pinis
1st Vice-President:
2nd Vice-President:
  Dr. John Baskozos

Dr. Gregorios Rokadakis
Members of the Board: Dr. Anastasios Vassiadis, Dr. Michael Vlastarakos, Dr. Constantinos Zaharias, Dr. Athanasios Nikolaidis, Dr. Vladimiros Panagiotidis, Dr. Christos Papazoglou, Dr. Constantinos Papapolychroniadis, Dr. Maria Passakiotou, Dr. Eystathios Tsoukalos, Dr. Ioannis Chronopoulos
President of the Disciplinary Board: Dr. Dimitrios Stathis
Vice-President of the Disciplinary Board: Dr. Vassilios Theodoropoulos
Founded: 1925
Number of full time employed persons:   10   How many are doctors:   None
Only the members of the management Council should be medical doctors.
Total number of Doctors in your country:   56.310   Number of Gps:   1516
Number of specialists: 34.274 Number of unemployed doctors ~ 6.000
Official pension age for doctors:
For the physicians that work for the NHS, they can retire when they are 65 - 67 years old on condition that they have been practicing medicine for 35 years. The same applies for physicians who work with other Health Funds and for Prof. of the Medical Faculties in the Universities, as well. For the independent physicians, they can be fully pensioned if they have 39 years of practising.
But it is not obligatory for them to retire, they can work as long as they like.
Membership (Obligatory)
Total number of members:   56.310   Number of GPs:   1.516
Number of hospital specialists: (approx.) 24.600 Number of practising specialists 38.487
Number of junior hospital doctors (in training) 2.072 Number of doctors without speciality 15.751
Rural doctors: 1.746  
Meetings Regular meetings take place:
- Board meetings Twice a month
- Representatives meetings 1 / year.
- In what month do you normally have your annual meeting: January/February
Aims and objectives of the association
The management of general nature matters concerning the medical body.
Main activities
  1. Coordinate actions of the medical associations of the country.
  2. Overseeing the keeping of the rules of ethics.
  3. Giving an opinion on laws relating the medical profession.
  4. Giving an opinion on education.
  5. Publish periodicals, represent physicians abroad.
Trade union YES
Engages in health care initiatives: YES
Meetings on prevention in health care, smoke, AIDS, cancer, road accidents are organised under the aegis of the Panhellenic Medical Association.
Identifiable sections
These matters are tended to by members of the board of directors.
Committee on ethics: YES
Association is:
- consulted by the government: Formally
- represented in appropriate government committees: YES
- asked to nominate repr. to sit on governmental expert committees: YES
- in regular dialogue with other organizations: YES
- a participant in Health Care Social Security advisory bodies: YES
- represented on board/council of other national organizations: YES
Press/public relations department: YES
Publishes: Name of journal: Iatriko Vima (bimonthly).
Library facilities for members: NO
Computer facilities, telecommunication: Computer in evolution, Telecommunations (phone, fax)
Other activities of interest
Participation in C.P., U.E.M.S., C.E.O., G.I.P.E.F., A.E.M.H. and other European organisations.