Spain - Consejo General De Colegios Medicos (General Council of Medical Colleges of Spain)

Updated 2006

(General Council of Medical Colleges of Spain)
Plaza de las Cortes 11, 4A
E-28014 Madrid

Phone No:   (+34) 91 431 7780 (hours available 08.30-15.00)
Fax: (+34) 91431 9620 / 91 576 43 88
E-mail: / /
President:   Dr. Isacio Siguero
Vice-President: Dr. Manuel Sánchez García
Secretary General: Dr. Juan José Rodríguez Sendín
Deputy International: Dr. Beatriz Garcia Navarro - E-mail:
Total number of Doctors in your country: How many are active physicians ---
Number of specialists: Number of GPs:  
Official pension age for doctors   ---   Number of unemployed doctors   ---
Membership (Obligatory)
Total number of members:   150 230   Number of GP:
Number of hospital specialists: Number of practising specialists:
Number of junior hospital doctors: Number of student members:
3 General Assemblies per year, 4 Plenary Sessions, Executive Body every 15 days.
Aims and objectives of the association
- Ordering of the professional practice
- Safeguarding deontological principles
- Promoting the scientific, cultural, economic and social levels of all members
- Protection of the right to health of all the citizens
Main activities
- Representation and defense of the medical profession
- Supervision of the deontological aspects of the medical practice
- Promotion of the improvement of the professional practice
- Relations with professionals of other countries
- Implementation of disciplinary functions
- Supervision of the advances in Medicine released by the mass-media
- Cooperation with the public institutions to promoting the right of health
Trade union NO
In Spain claiming actions concerns the trade unions and the professional ones the Medical Council.
Engages in promoting health care initiatives YES
Identifiable sections
- medical education: Commission of Continuing Medical Training
- scientific affairs: Relations with the Scientific Societies
- professional practice: Quality Commission
- professional discipline: Deontological Commission
Committee on ethics: YES
Deontology and medical law
Association is:
- consulted by the government: YES
- represented in appropriate government committees: YES
(Only in the National Commission of Specialists)
- in regular dialogue with other organizations: NO
- a participant in Health Care Social Security advisory bodies: NO
- represented on board/council of other national organizations: NO
Press/public relations department: YES
Publishes: Its own journal and other publications
Library facilities for members: YES
There is a library in almost all the Provincial Medical Colleges
Computer facilities, telecommunication: YES
  standard system
Other activities of interest: Social help to orphans and widows of doctors, and to disabled doctors
Further information may be obtained from: General Secretariat.