Norsk forening for fysikalsk medisin og rehabilitering er nå med i hjernerådet.

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Program er nå klart!

We are proud to announce that the new e-book “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine for Medical students” is now available for download.

The book has been written for medical students with the aim of providing the newly qualified doctors with the knowledge to apply basic rehabilitation principles to their clinical practice and appropriately assess and refer a person with a disability to rehabilitation services. It represents a comprehensive guide to support and enhance the development of undergraduate PRM education.

The book addresses the overall knowledge and the multiple skills that medical students must achieve in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, in order to take care of people experiencing disabilities. In its 23 chapters, subdivided in five parts, it aims to describe the principles of PRM and, more in detail, to let students know :

  • how to include functional aspects into the history, physical examination, assessment, and management plan;
  • which are the functional consequences and medical complications associated with certain diagnoses,
  • which are the issues of preventive care for the physically impaired patient, and their potential for functional recovery through rehabilitation.

We are especially grateful to the President of the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine, Prof. Xanthi Michail, the President of the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Prof. Alain Délarque, and the President of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Prof. Jorge Lains, for their Forewords. We feel that their auspices add particular value to this opera, while underlying the European/International relevance of the knowledge conveyed in the book.

We do hope that you will also find this opera useful for the education of the undergraduates, and will recommend its reading to your students.

Best wishes,


Nicolas Christodoulou                                   
President of the UEMS PRM Section 

Maria Gabriella Ceravolo
President of the UEMS PRM Board


Franco Franchignoni
UEMS PRM Board Senator & Life Fellow

Nikolaos Barotsis
Incoming President of the UEMS PRM Board

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