Kalender: Norsk gynekologisk forening

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    A broad specter of gynecological, endoscopical, oncological topics will be presented.

    ASCCP2019 Annual Scientific Meeting on Anogenital and HPV-Related Diseases will feature a variety of topics including: Barriers to Care (transgender, homeless, incarcerated, mentally ill, as well as age and obesity), Patient-Centered Counseling Techniques, for Discussing Risk and Disease State Concepts, Research Ethics and At-Risk Populations, Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines – U.S. and Beyond, ASCCP Colposcopy Standards with Cases, Risk-Based Assessment and Management, As well as specific sessions to review topics in Anal Diseases, Vulvar Diseases, and Transgender Care

    The International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) and its 2019 World Congress Scientific is themed "Transforming the Frontiers of Human Reproduction" the Congress will highlight contributions from renowned international faculty focused on delivering leading edge research across a range of current issues in our field.

    Everyday dilemmas in obstetrics and gynecology and how to deal with them.

    Urologisk-, gynekologisk- og gastrokirurgisk seksjon inviterer robotkirurger og RNFA- sykepleiere til et to dagers møte i Arendal. For første gang samles robotmiljøet i Norge!

    Congress of the Society of endometriosis and uterine disease

    The 10th DIP Symposium will highlight the progress of pregnancy - from pre-pregnancy, trimester by trimester, to labor, delivery and post-partum care. Focus will be placed on the prediction and prevention of pregnancy complications – hyperglycemia, hypertension - preeclampsia, preterm birth, NCD’s (Non-Communicable Diseases) and pregnancy, fetal growth and others, as well as the cycle of future NCD’s that begins during the intrauterine life - onto mother and offspring.

    The Congress is organized together with the Nordic Society on Gynaecological Endoscopy (NSGE), the Dutch Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy and the Finnish Society for Gynaecological Surgery (GKS).

    Congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

    Pain in Europe is the largest scientific congress on pain in 2019. ​Pain in Europe shines a spotlight on current trends and future developments in pain medicine.​

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