1st International NTNU Symposium on Clinical Biomarkers of Cancer, Trondheim 16-17.06.2016

Cancer is merely a collection of very heterogeneous diseases, and molecular subgrouping is increasingly relevant for diagnosis and treatment. Since the discovery of the estrogen receptor in breast cancer, with the advent of high-throughput technologies, science has unraveled hundreds of clinically relevant diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and therapeutic molecular markers of cancer, including the HER2, KRAS, EGFR, BRAF, PD1 and PDL-1 and signatures of proteins, genes and microRNAs.

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Epigenetic and metabolic markers are also entering the stage, increasing the complexity, but also increasing the potential of benefit for more cancer patients. However, we have few markers that have passed all clinical phases and actually are in clinical use today. Their discovery and road to clinical use are often long and complex.

The tales of these biomarker-targets are nevertheless fascinating and may inspire us to embark new discoveries with hope for the future.

Some examples are the HER2 in metastatic breast cancer, previously a negative prognostic marker, but now a positive predictive marker due to its ”targetability” with herceptin and pertuzumab. The PD1 and PD-L1 are new key cancer targets of immune therapy and could be the molecular predictors of tomorrow. Circulating microRNAs or other molecules in a blood-test could be the first sign of an early stage lung cancer, and could eventually save millions of lives.

This symposium aims at giving a cutting-edge overview and insight in the highly important field of cancer biomarkers today, linking molecular innovation to clinical implementation, for the benefit of patients.

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Oluf Dimitri RøeConference Chair

MD PhD Associate Professor

– Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

– Cancer Clinic, Levanger Hospital, Levanger

– Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark

Email: oluf.roe@ntnu.no

 Organizing Committee

  • Oluf Dimitri Røe, MD PhD
  • Duan Chen, Prof MD PhD
  • Arnulf Langhammer, Prof MD PhD
  • Steinar Lundgren, Prof MD PhD
  • Geir Slupphaug, Prof MD PhD
  • Animesh Sharma, MD
  • Robin Mjelle, PhD