PhD’er i radiologi

Her finner du oversikt over PhD'er i Radiologi og Nukleærmedisin med link til pressemeldingen fra disputasen.

PhD’er i radiologi
Doktorkreering - Foto: Jan Unneberg


Anselm Schulz (radiologi)  26.01.2017 – UIO (OUS, Ullevål)
Optimal Preoperative Examination of Colorectal Liver Metastases: Assessment of the diagnostic performance of CT, PET/CT, MRI and Intraoperative Ultrasound

Geir Reinvik Ulimoen (radiologi) 07.06.2017 – UIO (Ahus)
Coronary CT Angiography – Methods and Clinical Application

Anne Günther (radiologi) 12.10.2017 – UIO (OUS, RH)
Imaging in the diagnosis and prediction of allograft vasculopathy after heart transplantation

Piotr Wladyslaw Sowa (radiologi) 29.09.2017 – UIO (OUS, RH)
MRI biomarkers in multiple sclerosis. Perfusion weighted imaging and restriction spectrum imaging


Jenny Hild Aase Husby (Radiologi/Nukleærmedisin) 05.02.2016 - UiB (Haukeland)
Functional imaging to promote individualized and targeted therapy in endometrial cancer

Erik Rud (Radiologi) 18.02.2016 - UiO (OUS, Aker)
Clinical impact of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging in patients with prostate cancer

Peter Mæhre Lauritzen (Radiologi) 15.04.2016 - UiO (Ahus)
Double reading in Norwegian hospital radiology departments

Eva Kirkhus (Radiologi) 12.10.2016 - UiO (OUS, Rikshospitalet) 
Magnetic resonance imaging of musculosceletal inflammation in children



Ylva Haig (Radiologi) 09.01.2015 - UiO (OUS, Ullevål)
Catheter-directed thrombolysis in proximal deep vein thrombosis

Knut Håkon Hole (Radiologi) 19.03.2015 - UiO (OUS, Radiumhospitalet)
Magnetic resonance guidance for the multidisciplinary management of pelvic malignancies – Clincal potential and technical limitations

Anders Hodt (Nukleærmedisin) 24.04.2015 - UiO (OUS, Ullevål)
Left ventricular regional rotation in healthy humans - echocardiographic speckletracking studies at rest and during reduced preload by lower body negative pressure technique in healthy humans

Lars Fjetland (Radiologi) 08.05.2015 - UiB (SUS)
Endovascular stroke treatment at Stavanger University Hospital

Idun Fiskvik (Nukleærmedisin) 25.06.2015 - UiO (OUS, Radiumhospitalet)
Prognostic tumor related factors in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas

Trond Hagtvedt (Radiologi) 13.10.2015 - UiO (OUS, Radiumhospitalet)
CT Enhancement Characteristics, FDG PET/CT and Diffusion - weighted MRI in the Evaluation of Lymphoma: Clinical Usefulness

Marta Switlyk (Radiologi) 17.11.2015 - UiO
MRI and clinical assessment of patients with symptomatic spinal metastases



Einar Hopp 30.01.2014 - UiO (OUS Rikshospitalet)
Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of myocardial infarct

Arve Jørgensen 25.02.2014 - NTNU (St.Olav)
Mechanisms in the Pathophysiology of Diving - Bubble formation and Cardiovascular Effects of Simulated Diving, Exercise-Induced Muscle Injury and Hyperbaric Oxygen Preconditioning

Marit Herder 11.03.2014 - UiT
Prediction of progression of ultrasound assessed carotid artery atherosclerosis. The Tromsø Study 1994-2008

Kent Gøran Moen 26.09.2014 - NTNU
Magnetic resonance guidance for the multidisciplinary management of pelvic malignancies – Clincal potential and technical limitations

Linda Berg (Radiologi) 21.11.2014 - UiB (HUS)
MRI findings in candidates for lumbar disc prosthesis: reliability and relationship to disability and pain

Veronika Brezova (Radiologi) 10.12.2014 - NTNU
Prospective MRI Volumentry and Diffusivity Changes During the First Year After Traumatic Brain Injury: Impact of Injury Related Variables, Significance for Outcome and Methodological Considerations


Carl Erik Nordvik Markhus 07.01.2013 - UiB
Microcirculatory Pathology in Primary Lymphedema

Mona-Elisabeth Revheim 15.02.2013 - UiO
Studies in GIST with emphasis on treatment evaluation with FDG PET

Frode Manstad-Hulaas 28.02.2013 - NTNU
Navigation Technology in Endovascular Aortic Repair

Swen Magne Weum 29.04.2013 - UiT
Imaging in plastic surgery. A clinical and experimental study with notes on the history of medical imaging

Lene Laborie 20.09.2013 - UiB
Hip Dysplasia and Femoroacetabular Impingement - Studies in newborns and young adults with focus on Radiology and Clinical Epidemiology

Solveig Roth Hoff 15.11.2013 - NTNU
Radiological and epidemiological aspects of mammographic screening



Eric J. Dorenberg 27.02.2012 - UiO
Minimal invasive therapies for the treatment of symptomatic uterine leiomyomas –  A multimodal approach.

Rigmor Lundby 30.03.2012 - UiO
Radiological Imaging in the investigation of Marfan Syndrome.

Lars Borgen 30.05.2012 - UiO
Radiation doses in medical imaging: Historical development, current radiation knowledge and future optimizing tools

Trygve Syversveen 04.06.2012 - UiO
Diagnostic ultrasound in the evaluation of complications after kidney transplantation

Trond Mogens Aaløkken 12.06.2012 - UiO
High Resolution Computed Tomography of Interstitial Lung Disease

Lil-Sofie Ording Müller 19.10.2012 - UiT
Establishment of normative MRI standards for the paediatric skeleton to better outline pathology. Focused on juvenile idiopathic arthritis 

Charlotte de Lange 13.12.2012 - UiO
Early effects of perinatal hypoxia and resuscitation on cerebral perfusion and metabolism assessed by MRI, CEUS and FDG-PET. Experimental studies in newborn pigs

Olga Therese Ousdal 14.12.2012 - UiO
On the role of the human amygdala. Mapping functions and individual variations using fMRI