ECPR 2016

12.-14. Oktober arrangeres ECPR 2016 i Oslo med tema "Pediatric abdominal imaging".

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Preliminary Programme:

Wednesday 12 October.2016

12:00    Registration & Coffee and Sandwich

12:30   Welcome to the ECPR 2016! 

Part I: Imaging techniques

12:45  Gastrointestinal & urogenital fluoroscopy - techniques and indications in children. (Aagenæs)

13:15  Ultrasound techniques in the paediatric abdomen: B-mode, hydrocolon, Doppler etc. (Riccabona)

13:45  Contrast enhanced ultrasound (ce-US). Indications, How, and Current practice.  (Riccabona) 

14:15   Coffee 

14:45   How to set up a ceUS -practice (Humphries)

15:05   Elastography in children (Franchi-Abella)

15:30   Current techniques and applications for abdominal MRI: Particular challenges in children.  (Olsen)

16:00    CT in the pediatric abdomen – indications, and how to perform it if necessary. (de Lange)

16:30   Nuclear medicine studies for the radiologist - all you need to know. (urogenital, gastrointestinal) (Easty)

17:00   End

 18:00 Icebreaker reception at Edderkoppen hotel



Thursday 13 October. 2016

Part II Gastrointestinal imaging 

08:30   Imaging in pediatric IBD. (Alexopoulou)

09:00   Imaging in renal and liver transplantation. (Ording Muller/ Suther)

09:30   Imaging of the neonatal abdomen. Indications and technique. (Rosendahl)

10:00   Imaging of acute abdomen in infants and older children. (de Lange)

10:30   Coffee

11:00   Neonatal hepato-biliary disease. (Franchi-Abella)

11:30   Liver, spleen and pancreas in older children. (Olsen)

12:00   Abdominal non-urogenital tumours. (Humphries)

12.30   Lunch

13:30 -   Hands-on and workshop:   1. Case discussion   2. Elastography   3. Contrast enhanced _US

15:30    Coffee


Part III Genitourinary imaging

16:00    Embryology of the GI/GU tract and fetal imaging (US & MRI) in GU/GI tract congenital anomalies. (Avni) 

16:30     Imaging and follow-up of prenatal hydronephrosis– how, when and whom to image. How to evaluate possible obstruction. (Lobo)

17:00   MR urography – techniques and indications. (Raissaki)

17:30    End 


Friday 14 October. 2016

09:00   Imaging of the pediatric female genitalia including ovaries. (Lobo)

09:40   Imaging the male genitalia throughout childhood. (Augdal)

10:20    Coffee

10:40    Urogenital tumours. (Humphries)

11:10   Renal cystic disease. (Avni)

11:30   CAKUT and Nephropathies. (Avni)

12:00   Lunch

13:15   Imaging in childhood urinary tract infection. (Ording Müller)

14:30     VUR and reflux disease differences in neonates, infants and older children. (Riccabona)

15:00   Coffee

15:30   Imaging pediatric abdominal trauma. (Raissaki)

16:00    Test – closing remarks

17:00       End

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Til alle LIS leger: ESPR 2002 legatet lyser ut 4 stipendier a kr 5000.- Formål: deltakelse på European course in pediatric radiology (ECPR): Abdominal imaging in children. Oslo 12-14 oktober 2016. For mer informasjon / program / påmelding, se