IPOQ 2018 - 5th Nordic Research Conference

LEFO's interdisciplinary conference in Oslo, 22.1. - 23.1.2018: Interactions between Professions, Organization and the Quality of healthcare - IPOQ 5 

This year we were proud to present three keynote speakers: Mats Brommels, Jan Ketil Arnulf and Per Bleikelia who shared their knowledge and experiences about leadership. 

In addition to the seminar with keynote lectures and plenary discussion there were presentations of 11 current research projects from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian researchers.

- Les omtale av konferansen i Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening: Nordiske legeforskere samles på Gardermoen, nr. 2/2018, publisert 23.1.2018)

When? From Monday 22 January 2018 at 10:30 until Tuesday 23 January 14:00
Where? Park Inn, Oslo Airport Hotel, Gardermoen, Oslo

The annual Nordic IPOQ-conferences aims to promote interdisciplinary studies of the interaction between the medical professions, organizational factors and quality of care.