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Mental Health Problems among Medical Students and Young Physicians

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Suicide rates from 1960 to 1989 in Norwegian physicians compared with other educational groups

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The medical profession and health care reform--friend or foe?

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Norske medisinstudenter i utlandet - karriereplaner, personlighet, røyking og alkoholbruk / Norwegian medical students abroad--career plans, personality, smoking and alcohol use

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Introduction - The physician role in transition: is Hippocrates sick?

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Helseproblemer og helsetjeneste blant leger / Health problems and use of health services among physicians

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Male physicians´ narratives about being in ethically difficult care situations in paediatrics

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Factors in medical school that predict postgraduate mental health problems in need of treatment. A nationwide and longitudinal study

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Towards gender balance: but will women physicians have an impact on medicine?

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Medical women -- towards full integration? An analysis of the specialty choices made by two cohorts of Norwegian doctors

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Breast self-examination and cervical cancer testing among Norwegian female physicians. A nation-wide comparative study

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The self-perceived health status of Norwegian physicians compared with a reference population and foreign physicians

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Interventions to improve physicians´ well-being and patient care

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Doctors drifting: autonomy and career uncertainty in young physicians´ stories

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The doctor-nurse relationship: how easy is it to be a female doctor co-operating with a female nurse?

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Threats from patients and their effects on medical decision making: a cross-sectional, randomised trial

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Paternalism, patient autonomy, and moral deliberation in the physician-patient relationship. Attitudes among Norwegian physicians

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Psychosocial challenges facing physicians of today

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Bakerens barn / Baker’s children

Aasland OG. Tidsskr Nor Lægeforen 2001; 121: 3504.

Ny versjon av Helsinki-deklarasjonen / New version of the Helsinki Declaration

Førde R / Forde R. Tidsskr Nor Lægeforen 2001; 121: 6.

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