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Changes in job satisfaction among doctors in Norway from 2010 to 2017: a study based on repeated surveys

A study by LEFO´s senior researcher Judith Rosta, her colleagues Olaf Gjerløw Aasland and Magne Nylenna showes that job satisfaction for Norwegian doctors has decreased, but it was still at a relatively high level: - Private practice specialists were most satisfied. The decrease was significant for both GPs and hospital doctors, they concludes. 

Do you recommend cancer screening to your patients? A cross-sectional study of Norwegian doctors

A study by LEFO´s senior researcher Berit Bringedal and her colleagues Atle Fretheim, Stein Nilsen and Karin Isaksson Rø showes that a large majority of doctors claimed that they recommended cancer screening in accordance with national guidelines: - Among doctors recommending screening contrary to the guidelines, GPs did so to a lesser degree than other specialties, they concludes.

Jobb-hjem-balanse i to kohorter av norske leger / Work-home balance in two cohorts of Norwegian doctors

Senere utdannede leger opplevde mindre jobb–hjem-stress ti år etter studiet enn leger utdannet tidligere / Doctors who graduated later, experienced less work-home interface stress than those who had received their training earlier (Hertzberg TK, Tyssen R, Skirbekk H, Isaksson Rø K. Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 2019; 139: 915-20).

How do doctors experience the interactions among professional fulfilment, organisational factors and quality of patient care?

– The inteviewed doctors communicated how ‘stretching themselves’, to overcome organisational shortcomings, is no longer a feasible strategy without compromising both professional fulfilment and quality of patient care. Managers need to ensure that doctors are involved when developing organisational policies, processes and systems, concludes four of LEFO´s researchers in their qualitative study in a Norwegian hospital (Bååthe F, Rosta J, Bringedal B, Isaksson Rø K. BMJ Open. 2019 May 24;9(5):e026971. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026971).

Legers holdninger til aktiv dødshjelp / Doctors' attitude to assisted dying

Legers holdninger har endret seg fra 1993 til 2016, og det synes å være flere enn før som støttet legalisering i visse tilfeller. De færreste leger var selv villige til å utføre aktiv dødshjelp hvis det ble tillatt. Det viser en studie basert på data fra LEFOs spørreundersøkelser.

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