The Norwegian Medical Association´s Committee on Human Rights


The Committee shall engage in the relationship between human rights and medical practices
The overriding objective of the Committee
is to prevent violations of human rights
work for the benefit of those who suffer illness, harm or late effects as a result of violations of human rights
enhance the understanding of the relationship between health and human rights
Specific target groups are
doctors and other medical personnel who are prevented from pursuing their calling or harassed/persecuted as a result of their commitment to human rights
doctors and other medical personnel who cooperate with individuals, organisations or regimes responsible for violations of human rights
The Committee shall:

  • raise issues and give opinions on questions raised by the Norwegian Medical Association bodies
  • act as a consultative body to the Norwegian authorities through the Norwegian Medical Association on matters pertaining to violations of human rights and medical practice
  • provide active support to doctors and medical personnel who suffer violations of their human rights or who are prevented from pursuing their work.  This support may take the form of statements and/or investigative visits to the areas in which such violations take place
  • endeavour to identify, prevent and condemn any participation in torture or other violations of human rights by doctors or other medical personnel
  • function as an information base for doctors, medical personnel and the general public on matters concerning the relationship between violations of human rights and medical practices
  • promote right to health
  • cooperate with corresponding organisations
  • initiate and support development of teaching of medical ethics and human rights

Special engagements
Reconciliation and dialogue, Medical ethics and human rights in education, Psychosocial rehabilitation of the traumatised patient, Educational programmes on psychiatry and human rights, Prison and health, E-learning programmes for doctors at risk, Health care for asylum seekers.

Members 2008 - 2010
Eline Thorleifsson  (Chair), Arnstein Grøtting, Toralf Hasvold, Barbro Kvaal, Arvid J. Nedal, Bjørn Oscar Hoftvedt (Secretary)

The Norwegian Medical Association,
P.O.Box 1152 Sentrum, N-0107 Oslo, Norway
Telephone/fax + 47 23 10 90 00/+47 23 10 91 00